Divination Decks

Many different styles of divination decks are available today, and each deck has a unique feeling to it.


Traditional Tarot Decks came about in the Middle Ages when a hand painted deck of 78 cards was given as a wedding present. The decks were used for a game called “Tarocchi” the original playing cards. Since then, many different styles of divination decks have evolved and eventually into our modern day playing cards. The more traditional decks use symbols that are familiar within our own DNA.


Many folk regard the traditional tarot as “dark” primarily due to the skill required to read them. In the past ten years, many new divination decks have come into being and are easier to comprehend for those just starting out. There are non-traditional decks which focus on self care, Avalon, Angels, Fairies Unicorns, Animals and more. Come and see for yourself.