June News and Notices

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  • Essential Oil Discount for Practitioners

  • Crystal Bowl Meditation, June 21st

  • Cord Cutting Course - June 23rd

  • June Sales

  • Store Service - NeuroSpa

  • Essential Oil Knowledge, Ylang Ylang

Do you use essential Oils in your work? If you are an energy worker or offer alternative health services, upon presentation of your business card, you are eligible to purchase essential oils at a 10% discount.

Crystal Bowl Full Moon Meditation

Learn about the astrological influences working to assist us this month. The time of the full moon is powerful, so bring your intentions for what you want from this Full Moon. Cost is $20.00 when preregistered at the store (250 804 0392) or $25.00 at the door. Bring your blanket and your water bottle. Lucky us, we will have three or more players on the bowls. A symphony of sounds just for you. Other names for this June Full Moon: Full Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon

Cord Cutting Class Removing negative ties to your past

Have you had times in your life where you have experienced negative situations and interactions with others and, in spite of the passage of time, you are unable to let go of the experience? Or have words said by another impacted you so deeply that you are unable to move on past that experience? Often in these situations there are energetic cords that have attached to us. When we cut cords, it is to heal our negative or toxic relationships that no longer serve us. We are working to improve our lives. Shamanically there are several ways to eliminate these energetic cords. In this two hour session, you can learn for yourself how to eliminate these negative attachments. Class Information Where: Spirit Quest Books, 170 Lakeshore Drive NE, Salmon Arm When: Thursday, June 23rd, 7pm - 9pm Your Investment: $40 ($35 if you pre-register, $20 if you are auditing) Register in advance at Spirit Quest Books and save $5!

June Sales

We have an abundance of jewelry within the store. With specials from 25% to 40% off, finding that special piece that brings a smile to you is easier than ever. Our tea is on sale at 25% off! We also have a great variety of tea goodies available, such as tea cups, tea pots, tea sets, and more!

Store Services - NeuroSpa

The result of many years of research on the positive impacts of music on the human body, the NeuroSpa is a sophisticated relaxation device. From the very first moment, music and physical sensations communicate directly with the nervous system which gradually replaces tension caused by stress. The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility. It's an experience that revitalizes and pampers.

  • Increases energy

  • Neutralize stress and anxiety

  • Diminishes insomnia and anxiety

  • Deeply relax the body

  • Provides lasting sense of well-being

  • Stimulate creativity

  • Relieve chronic pain

Essential Oil Knowledge - Ylang Ylang

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