Our table salt nowadays has little in common with the actual meaning of the world “salt”. Table salt consists of NaCl (Sodium Chloride). This does not deserve the name “salt” as salt is a symbiosis of 84 elements – exactly those 84 elements that our planet Earth is made of and that created the physical body. Our bodily fluids contain the same salt that occurs in salt water is almost the exact same mixture ratio. Our blood is nothing else but slightly modified salt water with all of the 84 elements.

Each of the 84 elements in salt has its own electromagnetic field with its own vibrations. And it is the harmony of these naturally occurring elements in the salt that are of such importance for our body. Over the centuries, mankind found a way to “refine” the salt and to separate 82 of the 84 elements so that at the end of this process, only NaCl was left – our “salt”. Up to 2000 different chemicals are necessary to separate these 82 elements from the original salt.

93 – 95% of this refined salt enters into the industry where NaCl, not salt, is needed in order to start chemical reactions. Only 5 – 7% finds its way into the food industry. Even though it is proven that iodizing the salt has more negative than positive effects, NaCl is iodized. In recent years, allergies (thyroid issues) due to iodine have drastically increased: the pharmaceutical industry makes a huge profit out of that fact.

NaCl is a highly aggressive poison for our body. For example – in an aquarium with NaCl enriched water, a fish would live for approximately five minutes and then die!

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