Full Moon Astrological influences

This is the information we read before our Full Moon Crystal Bowl Meditation. Our next Full Moon Crystal Bowl Meditation will be on May 24th at 7pm

Milk Moon - April 2016

The second full moon of the spring is known as the milk moon. The upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio taking place will prove true the notion of “enough is never enough” in more ways than one.

First and foremost, Scorpio is the sign that breaks through the fake and frivolous.

Nobody knows how to see through the b.s. better than the scorpio. They find a way to get straight to the heart of the matter and cut through all the fluff.

Scorpio is also the sign that likes to reveal things and April’s Full Moon will help this manifest in each of our lives.

While some signs fear seeing a situation for what it truly is, Scorpio craves finding out the truth. It likes to help us get through the process of seeing things that aren’t so obvious. They cut through the illusion. This is a transformational energy after all. Getting to the crux of the situation is what Scorpio does best.

Interestingly enough, Earth Day this year falls on the same day as this revealing Full Moon.

This is perhaps a sign indicating its finally time to see what’s really happening to our planet and do our small part to turn things around?

The astrology behind the façade says that devils in sheep’s clothing should beware. The games being played “supposedly behind closed doors” may soon surface. Secrets, hidden mysteries and people’s underlying motives all seem to mysteriously come out when a Scorpio Moon is in play. And since this is a full moon it will act as a reflection of what’s happening on earth. I love a good aha moment and this Full Moon will likely deliver just that.

The interesting thing with this Full Moon is that both Mars and Pluto will be in the beginning stages of their backward crawl. Mars (war) begins his retrograde on April 17th and Pluto (revolution/upheaval) on the 18th. This type of occurrence rarely happens and it’s going to kick intensity up (relating to power and control) a few notches. Did you notice that we’ve had at least two serious earthquakes in the past three days? The universe is in the throes of highlighting the essence of what these planets represent in bigger ways than usual. It seems that Mother Nature is angry! This Full Moon will likely be the catalyst that turns on the light and helps us see things more clearly.

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