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Shungite is back in stock!

We have Shungite back in stock! Tumbled stones, pyramids, spheres, and palm stones!

Keep yourself protected from electromagnetic pollution! Cell phones, WiFi, microwave, and smart meters will have a greatly reduced effect on our health and well-being!

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March Sales

Come by the store and check out the variety of sales in store. We have books, giftware and jewelry discounted, plus our regular selection of products for your personal growth needs and desires.


Essential Oil Knowledge



Weed or useful plant?

With spring just around the corner, these bright yellow flowers will soon be doing their best to decorate our lawns and gardens. While we consider them to be a nuisance weed, there are a great number of benefits to this highly adaptable plant.

The following is from Evelyn Mulders “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and the Five Element Theory”

Attitude Dandelions key word is integrity. Dandelion is adaptable and works with other herbs to enhance them. Dandelion is a powerful cleanser on all levels. Metaphysically, dandelion operates like a magnet bringing in clarity of vision, focus and determination. It allows all extraneous facets to fall away. Dandelion gives clarity of purpose and focus to all circumstances.


  • Valuable survival food

  • Stimulates the liver to detoxify

  • Used in liver diseases such as jaundice and hepatitis

  • Helpful with sluggish liver problems such as tiredness and irritability

  • Used in gall bladder infection and to dissolve gall stones

  • Contains nutritive salts and minerals that purify blood and help to neutralize the acids in blood

  • Blood purifier

  • Promotes healthy circulation

  • Strengthens weak arteries

  • Helps to achieve sodium, potassium balance in the stomach

  • Safe diuretic

  • Useful in water retention, cellulite conditions, urinary infections and prostate problems

  • Helpful with uric acid; hence a remedy for gout

  • Pancreatic herb

Cautions Liver cleaning can sometimes cause adverse reactions like nausea or colic, especially with toxic liver or bile duct blockage. Lower dosage or discontinue if this happens.

Elements and Meridians

  • Earth – Spleen

  • Water – Bladder

  • Wood – Liver

  • Wood – Gall Bladder

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