Meditation Classes?! YES!!

I get asked all the time if I offer Meditation Classes – and the other night The Universe began talking to me about getting on this – I believe it’s because YOU have been asking for years now! Yes, I will be teaching meditation classes in 2015 – about an hour in duration – the big question is what time would you like to have the classes held? They will be once a week. Wednesdays I am wondering if we should be looking at shortly after work, 5PM or would you rather 7PM? Please send an email to and let me know if you are interested and what time works for you. Thanks! Or … phone 250.804.0392 I have taught Training In Power Academy meditation classes for Level 1 The Prophet and for Level 2 Ancient Shamanism for ten years – great work and it’s big, so if you’re interested, let me know – classes are starting soon.


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