Labels Article by Maggy Davidson

Labels tell us how to interact with those around us and what to expect from them. There are “positive” labels and others that, depending upon how they are used, are less positive. Labels provide a level of safety and protection in the world.

How many times do you refer to people by their assigned labels – mother, father, daughter, son, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, etc. These labels are descriptive, positive and explain our physical relationship to others in our circles.

And then there are other labels that may, at times, have a negative influence – We might label an individual’s emotional state – calm, nervous, alcoholic, addicted, unhappy, healthy, etc. Or, label them as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). These labels provide expectations of interactions in our daily life because they reference our emotional relationships. If you “own” the label, you lose who you are.

We use labels to create a level of control and safety in our daily experiences. If we know what we might expect, then we know how to respond or act, and then we can feel safe, because on some level we feel we have control of the outcome. For example, if we “label” someone as ADD, then we expect a lack of concentration or focus from them.

My question is, “Who wrote the rules?” Or in this case, who created the labels, and how much substance is behind them. For example, a child might be labelled as ADD or ADHD to explain a lack of concentration or focus. If you put that child in front of a computer game and let him play, chances are that when you return a couple of hours later, they will still be glued to the screen. Is that child truly attention deficit – or was he just bored with the lack of stimuli offered? Could the behaviour be learned or is it tied to diet?

The danger is that we may become the label and lose track of who we really are – because we are buying into someone else’s story.

Do you know who you are, or why you are here?

Maggy Davidson is a life-learner with a quest for knowledge. She opened Spirit Quest Books in 1999 to further her life-long interests in crystals, astrology, palmistry, numerology, past life experiences, sound healing, reflexology, aromatherapy, and healing. She has long held the belief that our physical healing will be achieved through a synthesis of therapies involving colour, sound, herbs, essential oils, crystals, and meditation.

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