Spirit Quest Books Spring 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:

- Reduced prices for many jewellery pieces

- Salt and more salt

- Interior Wellness Magazine – Maggy wrote another article

- Crystal book and gemstone promotion

- Welcome Brenda and Radar and Penny

- Allergy Season – we have a solution for you!

- Introducing the NeuroSpa

The budding of the leaves on the trees is a welcome sight as we move into warmer weather and new beginnings. New beginnings in so many ways – we have new stock arriving in the store and more to come over the next months.

Jewellery prices have been reduced on many items – Maggy has been doing inventory and auditing jewellery prices and she discovered errors in pricing on some jewellery. If you’re thinking you need a little something to complement your spring wardrobe, come on by and have a look. In addition to newly reduced prices on many items, we have an entire case of jewellery on sale for 30% off.

We have new salt lamps in stock – and even carved elephant salt lamps. These are new to us and come carved in a turtle as well – they won’t last long, so hurry in to have a look. The Himalayan salt products travel a long way to get to us and this new design is exciting. We are hopeful we will be able to re-order these as they are lovely! Remember, having a Himalayan rock salt lamp will release negative ions into the atmosphere – and this is what makes you feel good. The heat from a light or candle increases the release of negative ions.

Interior Wellness Magazine – the Spring 2014 issue is now available. Pop into the store and pick up your copy – Maggy’s article on Astrology is on page 29, or you can read it on our blog or online athttp://www.InteriorWellness.com – Be sure to mark your calendars for the Interior Wellness Festival – September 26-28, 2014 in Kamloops. Spirit Quest will be there!

May crystal book and gemstone promotion – purchase crystals at the same time as any of our books on crystals and you will receive 50% off on tumbled stones (priced under $5) and 25% off any crystal specimens.

We now have Brenda and Radar and Penny at the front counter in the store – if you haven’t yet met them, stop by and introduce yourself.

Allergies – many of the tree pollens are being released into the air and if you’re one of the folk who is troubled by allergies, you may find some relief with our Bergamot essential oil or with Melissa essential oil – Bergamot is available in the wide mouth jar with a sponge – simply open it and put nearby where you spend time. Melissa is best used in a diffuser – simply add three to five drops of oil into water in your aromatherapy diffuser. And speaking of diffusers, we have a fabulous new selection of electric diffusers available! Essential oils are antiseptic and anti-viral, so they will help to clean up the air and also your respiratory tract.

Sage – who knew? Many combinations of sage with lavender, juniper, cedar, jasmine, pinion and other herbs are now available in the store.


We have a new treatment available. The NeuroSpa. Come in and have a complimentary five minute session just to see what it’s all about. The ultimate in stress relief & relaxation is only 30 minutes away! The NeuroSpa was developed over many years of research on the positive impacts of music on the human brain and body. It is indeed the first therapeutic device allowing the production of intra-corporal music (multi-frequency acoustic vibrations) synchronized with conventional music. This neuromuscular massage will relax your nervous system and allow you to experience physical and mental harmony. In only 30 minutes, your body, mind & spirit can get the equivalent of a full days rest! Ahhh! Stress Relief was never easier. Our back room has been set up just for this service. Book your session today! Only $60 for a 45 minute session and $40 for a 30 minute session. Your initial session will be a 45 minute one to get the most benefit out of subsequent sessions.

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