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Astrology By Maggy Davidson

Astrology is a controversial topic – almost everyone has an opinion on it – they either believe, or they do not. I look at it this way. Humans are clever – when something works, they keep doing it; when it does not, then they discard it or stop doing it. Astrology has been around in written history for about 3700 years. Mankind followed the cycles of the moon over 25,000 years ago. It must work, we are still practicing it.

Astrology has many branches – best described by the names of charts. Charts are prepared by mathematically locating the sun, moon, planets, mid-heaven, ascendant, asteroids and various other sensitive parts of the universe at a specific point in time and place, such as your birth date and time, the anniversary of a birth date, or even the birth of an idea.

The chart most of us are exposed to in Astrology is called Sun Sign Astrology which mainly considers the location of the sun for each astrological sign. It also takes into consideration of the placement and location of the moon. This form of astrology has little to do with an individual’s specific circumstances and that’s why it often will not resonate with a reader. It’s been around since the 1700’s, and its the horoscope in the newspaper.

Horary Astrology is a fun branch of astrology. Here the astrologer uses the moment of the birth of an idea or of a question to divine what may occur. This chart is dependent upon sun-sign astrology where the position of the sun is the major planet of influence consulted. I have successfully used Horary Astrology to locate my husband’s misplaced accounting records.

Your birth date, time and place are used to determine your Natal Chart. – the most important of all. A natal chart reveals your personality traits or tendencies, which may indicate where you will have challenges or ease in your life with family (mom, dad, siblings, cousins, business partners, spouses, etc.) friends/acquaintances, and career. It will indicate if you are able to focus on many things at once or if you have extreme focus. Tt will also indicate if you are an introvert, extrovert, initiator, follower, leader, etc. So the natal chart is like a BLUEPRINT of the potential of who you are.

The Natal Chart is merely an indication of your stronger tendencies. Your experience of the world around you and interactions with others will have a large influence on the outcome of who you are. You always have free will.

A Progressed Chart predicts what may happen in each year or segment of life – and since being forewarned is forearmed, we can alter the outcome by how we respond.

Solar Return Charts indicate what may happen in the year following your birthday. This chart is based on the exact degrees and minutes of the sun’s return to its exact location at the time of your birth. Where your celebrate your birthday has a big influence of your year ahead.

Traditionally astrologers used an ephemeris and logarithms to cast charts. The math can take up to two hours. Nowadays we use computer programs to produce accurate charts. Interpretation can still be improved by another (human) point of view.

In addition to twelve astrological signs, there are twelve houses in a chart . Houses indicate your hidden self, finances, communication, mother, siblings or hobbies, health, partners, endings, philosophies, father/career/reputation, friends/enemies, and hidden influences. Simply put, the sun indicates your will, the moon your emotions, mercury your thinking, Venus – love, mars – aggression, Jupiter – good luck or beneficence, Saturn is the teacher, Uranus the unexpected, and Pluto the overall focus of humankind. Placement of the planets in the houses and their inter-relationships are used to interpret chart.

The study of astrology has led me to comprehend that most of us live our first thirty years to our parents’ wishes, from 30 to 60, we live for our own goals, and often ages 60 – 90 are spent in service to others. Where would we all be without the wisdom of those who are our elders?

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