Out of Town Shopping

We’ve all heard the lament of the lack of shopping in Salmon Arm. Well, we are not alone. I was speaking the other day with a professional who lives and works in Vernon, and she asked, “How is the local economy in Salmon Arm?”

I replied that we are in a time of change, awaiting the arrival of new retail stores and so many folk. Her next comment floored me. It was,

“Yes, it’s the same thing in Vernon. Everyone goes to Kelowna to do their shopping.”

“As well, many of the downtown stores are now closed on Mondays. And, if you want to eat out on a Monday, you will find many of the restaurants are now closed on Mondays – and those who were open for three meals a day are now only open for two.”

The bottom line… we are not alone in our lament of out of town shoppers. Perhaps it’s all about “the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.”

Perhaps our residents (and Council) need to explore their own community.

Where we shop ensures local employment and allows families to thrive. Our future is reliant on our OWN support!

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