Municipal Taxes

I recently received my tax notice – and sadly there is yet another tax increase this year – has Council not heard that we are in a recession?

We have policing that needs to be paid for – and yet we increased those costs from a crime prevention viewpoint when we allowed the Credit Union to build away from the downtown core where all of the other banks are. The approval for the new location will increase our policing costs.

I do understand there is aged infrastructure that needs to be replaced and paid for and therefore taxes must be levied.

There is, however, a potential solution other than raising taxes each year.

That solution would be to market Salmon Arm to families with young children. It is FAMILIES that make a community. With more families will come more commerce, more jobs, housing development, and more opportunities.

Sadly, our town has been marketed as a great place to retire – and it has much to offer. However, the retired folk will lose that perception if they cannot afford to live here because of increasing taxes.

Perhaps our residents (and Council) need to explore other options for raising funds.

#Recession #Taxes

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