For the past several years the flutter in the book industry has been around electronic media, e-book readers, i-pads, etc. and how they would negatively affect the book industry (piracy, loss of sales, etc). Well, this form of publication has now been around long enough to finally produce some stats – as has on-line shopping for gifts.

According to the Retail Council of Canada, the 2012 stats show that e-book sales have plateaued at 15% of total book sales. The other 85% of book sales is 58% paperback and 24% hardcover. As a bookseller, I am breathing a sigh of relief that the prediction of the end of hard copy books has not come to pass!

On-line shopping for gifts was recently reported to be to losing its attraction. Customers love the convenience of on-line shopping at their leisure; however, when the merchandise arrives, the goods may be of an inferior quality, not what was ordered, or arriving damaged. Yes, there are some great bargains out there, however, once the tally is in, the customer realizes they are paying for shipping – and the time lapse and inconvenience.

When customers visit a retail “brick and mortar” store, there is an advantage of using all five senses to choose their purchase. Many folk use retail as therapy and enjoy the ambiance of a store as a part of their experience. They want to see, touch, smell, and hold an item before they make their decision.

Another related point of view – purchasing from a business in your area means you are supporting a local job – and this means you are supporting YOU!

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