This centuries old method of answering questions is used by people all over the world. The skill takes two minutes to learn, and can benefit you for a lifetime! Remember, you can always consult your pendulum about your next learning steps e.g. Dowsing Worshops or books.


How to use a Pendulum

  • Hold the pendulum comfortably in the fingers of your writing hand, with the chain and Bob hanging free. 

  • Relax. Take a deep breath and relax. 

  • Begin speaking directly to your “inner child.” Say, “Subconscious, show me the direction of your ‘Yes’” (relax and get in touch with the playful part of yourself). 

  • The Bob will move back & forth, side to side, at a slant of in a circle. Whatever movement you get is your ‘yes’ direction from now on, it’s OK if your hand moves a little.

  • If it does not move say “Inner Child (or ‘subconscious’), please say ‘yes’ louder, and move more so I can see it clearly.”

  • If it still does not move, relax, be patient. Stop take a breath, relax. Talk to your inner child; explain this is a way you two can be in constant contact with each other. Get agreement. 

  • Once you are satisfied that you have a definite and different movement for each of the 3 answers (yes, No, Maybe), then begin to experiment with your new Life Skill. (The Bob must move, if it is still it means nothing at this point). 

  • Ask simple physical questions. (Avoid emotional issues or questions about the future until you are skilled… or have a friend do it for you.) Example: “Is it in my best interest to eat this cake?” Or: “Is this the best apartment for me?” 


    Above all: Be playful. Relax. Have fun. Soon you will become comfortable “Asking” for answers to all your daily questions.