Past Life


Past - Present - Future

The premise behind past life regressions is that unresolved issues from past lives are carried through into subsequent (concurrent) life times. The patterns and beliefs that we cling to, to our own detriment, are more than just one life-time old.


It is helpful to look to the past to understand the present and to shape the future. We see the truth of this in traditional forms of therapy and counseling. Experts examine the client’s childhood to find clues of the origins of the unhealthy patterns and beliefs. Past life regression simply takes this process beyond than the childhood of this lifetime.


Often patterns and issues are so ingrained in us that we are unable to identify them. Often they are unconscious patterns (after all, if we were conscious of the cause, we could change the pattern!) We may see the results of them and be frustrated at our inability to change them. For example, a fear of water may originate from a drowning at sea in a previous lifetime. Until we can identify the pattern, we can’t heal it. Past life regression is one way of identifying the source of unhealthy patterns and beliefs that keep us from healing, growing and moving forward in our lives.


Through a meditative state of light hypnosis, the client is gently guided to find the part particular life they need to look at in order to hear what is of the greatest priority at the time of the session. Tremendous insights are possible through this process.


Once we are aware of the source of the patterns or beliefs that are holding us back, we have the opportunity to examine and then manage them. Past life regression is a tool to open up this very opportunity.


Past Life Regressions are most often done in a private one-on-one setting; however group workshops can be arranged. Sessions take one hour, will guide you through two lifetimes and are booked by appointment.


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