Numerology Destiny Number Workshop

Where are you in your life cycle at this time? Do you know?


We live our lives in nine year cycles and each year will have a focus – which might be new beginnings, changes, going within, finding balance, receiving abundance. There are times in our lives when changes are easier to make than at others, and other times when our plans and aspirations flow easily. Did you know that each year of your nine-year cycle has a focus? Life is easier when you work WITH it. You can use a simple number system to determine what to expect each year of your nine year cycle. Once you have mastered this first part of the system that Maggy teaches, you can then look at each month of the year.


This course offers a grand opportunity to learn this simple and effective system, based on your month day and year of birth. Incidentally, it also ties into Astrology and the transits and progressions. Maggy Davidson offers this 2 ½ hour workshop by request. Please register by email: . Credit card payment is accepted - call (250) 804-0392 or (250) 833-2582 to request a workshop.