Eliminating Interference Patterns In DNA

Our DNA carries our memories from all experiences of the form - from our genealogical history - and we know DNA can be traced back through many thousands of years.


We may not be conscious of what old memories (interference patterns) we carry, however we carry them non-the-less. In this healing modality the practitioner works with you to identify the patterns that are blocking you at this time, and creates a venue for your healing.


The modality, conceived by Margaret Ruby, at first worked with muscle testing and has now evolved to the client choosing numbers. The practitioner works with the numbers in a book and, amazingly, patterns are identified. Once identified, patterns are easier to eliminate.

This work is all about vibrations. Humans are capable of achieving higher vibrations (hence we take up meditation and other practices that increase vibration).


Energetically, this work can be explained by stating that when two energy waves pass the same point and are out of phase, they interact and cause interference. An energy interference pattern occurs when thoughts and feelings interact creating a low vibrational, low wave interference that can in turn create physical and/or emotional imbalance.

This technique allows the practitioner to locate the destructive interference, neutralizing and transforming that pattern into a constructive or supporting high vibrational, high wave pattern. Meditations are the venue to move the destructive pattern into a constructive pattern.


Your feelings and emotions are a result of your belief systems, and cannot be separated from health, illness, body function, or life experiences. You were taught the beliefs of the families and culture you were born into. These beliefs include all the rules of society, its laws, religion, schools, government, social expectations, holidays and heritage. You learned how to focus your attention on these beliefs and develop an addiction for them. EIP of DNA allows these addictions to be located and released, restoring your life energy.


A session takes 1 ½ hours which includes a meditation before and after the identification of the interference pattern, and the client is given "homework" in the form of affirmation work.