Color Therapy


Color Therapy Glasses

100% UVA & UVB Protection.  Practical, multiple lens system made of high tech, lightweight materials. Shatter proof!


Our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. Sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet. Light flows through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system. This biochemical system then affects our being. And light does not travel alone, light travels with other energies. 


We each have a vibrational energy in our physical body. Science tells us that each colour in the light spectrum has its own wavelength and its own frequency (vibration), producing a specific energy and effect on our physicality. Some rays can be dangerous if we are exposed to them. But the visible light, the rainbow, has a soothing (healing) effect on us. Light consists of the seven basic colour energies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet and these also relate


to our chakras. Each colour is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally. By learning how each colour influences us, we can effectively use colour to give us an extra boost of energy when we need it. If we are out of balance (e.g. feeling we are being criticized and unable to speak out or defend ourselves), then our chakras (energy centres) will be out of balance – and this can lead to a discomfort or dis-ease in our physical.


Here comes the light – we can actually use colour to achieve balance. By choosing and using the vibration of the colour we need, we can re-balance by choosing the foods we eat, using specifically blended essential oil blends, wearing clothing colours, having colour baths or wearing coloured glasses – it can be just that simple and take only ten to twenty minutes a day.


At Spirit Quest Books, we carry Prisma Colour Energy Glasses, Colour Energy Chakra Oil Blends, and Colour Energy Therapeutic Blends. Colour Energy, for body and soul. Light energies and frequencies, which we can see as colour, also have a vibrational frequency which equates to essential oils, sounds, herbs, crystals, and homeopathy treatments. Therefore we also carry blends of essential oils which will correlate to various vibrational frequencies. What color do you need? Choose a color that you are LEAST drawn to from the colours below. Wear them for ten minutes.

Colour & Benefit:



Drive & Energy
Fight fatigue, depression, colds. Ease lower back pain, and increase circulation

You may need more physical strength and vitality. If you have been having problems achieving your goals, lacking motivation or are feeling tired you may need the Red Power


Vitality & Zest for Life
Alleviate depression, increase
oxygen, help with Asthma & allergies

You may need to connect to your feminine creative energy as you might have too much control in your life. If you have been repressing your emotions and now find you have been suffering from depression, you need to Recharge Orange


Mental Energy
Boost your concentration. Use while driving
to increase visibility and reduce glare

You may need more mental focus and clarity to help you push your ideas. If you have been having problems with your digestive system it proves that your Yellow is out of whack. 


Relax your aching muscles, Balance heart &
Kidney rhythm, promote physical and emotional harmony and regeneration

You may need to nurture yourself. Green is the colour of love and balance. If you suffer from indecisiveness, lacking judgment, feeling unworthy or a fear of letting go, this might mean that you need More Green.


Clarity And Understanding
Strengthen your immune system, relive Hay Fever symptoms and rid computer fatigue

You may need to express your emotions regarding a situation. A mix of loving freen and expressive blue. Use this energy to strengthen your ability to speak your heartfelt emotions to one's self-expression.


Reduce fevers, lowers blood pressure, calms and relaxes. Eases migraines and sore throats

You may need to find the ability to confront the truth. Blue builds your confidence to express yourself and your inner truth. Tap into the power of Blue's energy to strengthen your self image. 


Deep Understanding & Intuition
Inner peace and tranquility. Harmonizes irregular breathing and encourages healing to the eyes, ears, and nose.

You may be suffering from lack of good rest and nervousness. Use indigo when you need to get back to humanity. Cynical, intolerant and frustrated behavior may reflect a need to balance the indigo energy. 


Increase inspiration and creativity. Integrates left and right brain. Great for pain relief.

You may need to cleanse your thoughts and emotions. Use
this inspirational energy to boost creativity. Violet is also very powerful physically as it is antibacterial and gives energy to the lymphatic system. 


Alleviate burn-out syndrome and increase optimism. Promote restful sleep. 

You may need to reconnect to your purpose in life. Magenta helps us understand where we are in life and lets us remember why we are here. Let the Pink Power reconnect you to your own life's purpose with love and support of the universe.