At Spirit Quest Books, we prepare two types of Astrology charts, using a computer software system called “Time Passages” – these are the Natal Chart and Progressions and Transits. Your accurate time, date and place of birth. Maggy will teach astrology classes based upon your interest.

Chakra Meditations

Maggy has a nine week meditation course focusing on chakras and how to improve your life. 

Cord Clearing

Do you worry about what others are thinking? Do you feel bound to old experiences? And, are you looking for a life of freedom from others' expectations? This two-hour class teaches you how to clear your negative connections. 


A combination of numerology and astrology, this course helps you to predict what your next nine years will be like. 


Having learned palmistry at age 11, combining it with astrology, Maggy is willing to teach classes as requested. 

Past life regression course

Learn how to facilitate others' past life experiences. 


Reiki classes are offered by master Maggy Davidson on demand. 

Tarot & Divination

You already know all there is to know about Tarot and Divination. Maggy brings that knowledge to the forefront to assist with your interpretations .