Aura Picture

The aura is a colourful energy body that extends 6 inches to several feet beyond the physical body. Your charkas (or energy centers) of your body are what creates the colours of your aura.


Each chakra is related to different organs within the body; therefore your overall health is reflected in your aura. The aura reflects what is going on in our body mind and soul at any given time.


As we grow and change, our aura changes. If you are hungry, thirsty, in a negative mood – your aura will reflect this. Whether we are healthy or ill, the aura reflects our state of being through its colours.


The Biopulsar™ aura machine reads the aura colours and allows us to take a picture of your aura. You place your hand on a pad that connects to the acupuncture points of the hand and the Biopulsar™ computer program reads biofeedback from the sensors on the pad. This information is translated into graphs and numbers for the organs of the body. This allows the technician to give you a reading on what your aura reflects about you. The computer program also reads the energy of the seven chakra energy centers.


Find out how you body and chakra energy centers are functioning and what you can do to improve them. These pictures are a "snapshot in time".