Angels & Fairies


Angels & Fairies

The word 'Angel' means Messenger. Angels are the Messengers of God. The messages they carry and transmit span a wide spectrum of human experience and include words such as, light, energy, vibration, color, emotion/feeling and thought.

The Swedish Mystic Swedenburg once said: "I am well aware that many will say that no-one can possibly speak with spirits and angels as so long as he is living in the body. Many say it is all fancy, some that I recount such things to win credence, while others will make other kinds of objections. But I am deterred by none of these, for I have seen, I have heard, I have felt" Angels bridge our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy that embodies God's perfect love for us. They bridge heaven to earth and create openings - like doorways - to the divine within you.


Fairies are delightful, if not mischievous, little creatures, and they tend to be very beautiful and somewhat delicate looking. They all have different wings, some clear, some colorful, some may even look like butterfly wings or dragonfly wings. There are thousands of fairy and pixie wing types, but they are all made of the same thing; magic. Magic from the fairies and magic from the people that believe in them, that is exactly what fairy wings are made up of.


Whether you prefer angels or fairies may depend upon your personal spiritual belief.

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Dragons, Trolls, and other Mythical Creatures

Dragons exist in myth and legend in cultures around the world. Welsh dragons have wings, Chinese dragons are devoid of wings – yet they both fly! Apparently, the Chinese dragons fly using a part of their nose. (who knew!) In balance they are guardians of ancient wealth – the epitome of “do not mess with me” because nothing messes with a dragon unless they want to be turned into a pile of dragon dung. Out of balance, they are hoarders.


Trolls are a Scandinavian legend – and according to Grimm, are said to live under bridges, acting as the gatekeeper across the river. They are strongly connected to the earth kingdoms. J.R.R. Tolkein included trolls in his Middle Earth books – and indeed if you search far enough even the much sought after “precious” one of the three rings created originally exist in ancient myth. Fairies – there are fairies, brownies, elves and sylphs and these are said to relate to air, water, and earth elements – and then there are elves, gnomes, and other mythical beings.