The Spirit Quest Book Story

The name for Spirit Quest Books was registered in August 1998, when the concept of the store was born. It wasn't until September 1999 that a store space was rented in downtown Salmon Arm, B.C., and the first merchandise for the store arrived. We started with an empty space so start up meant purchasing everything from products to technical support, to create a retail store that would reflect the philosophy and goals of Maggy Davidson.


The goal was to establish an independent store providing knowledge, a quiet space, and healing. Three main products were initially identified - books, crystals, and giftware, all leaning toward "new age" thinking. For books, we wanted to have more width and depth than the "big box" bookstores, and also to provide a venue where customers could explore spirituality and philosophy on a variety of related topics, including meditation.


Many healers, shaman and holistic practitioners use crystals for healing and in 1999, few stores sold crystals except in large cities. Aromatherapy, another traditional healing modality, required bringing in quality essential oils.  The unique giftware offered appeals to all large and small.  Our jewellery is sterling silver with semi precious gemstones (there’s that crystal connection again).


In 2001 Spirit Quest Books moved to its current location on Lakeshore Drive NE in Salmon Arm - a higher profile location and across from a busy, well-established grocery store. The larger location meant more merchandise, and inventory has since quadrupled in size from 2003 and 2010.


We are told we are "the best" store of this type in Western Canada - this compliment is repeated by both our customers and to the vendors who travel across Canada. In late 2007 we introduced re-usable environmentally friendly blue bags with our name, logo and location clearly displayed on the front of the bags. These bags have been spotted in Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, and Edmonton - a bag was even seen in Wal-Mart in the oil fields in Northern Alberta. We seem to be very well known to the tourists who return each year with the exclamation of "Oh, I am so glad to be back in this space again!"


In October 2010 we celebrated our eleventh anniversary in business. The first store motto was "Growing old is natural, growing up is spiritual" - and in 2009, recognizing what we really do in the store, the motto became "Knowledge is Free, Bring Your Own Container."

Enjoy your virtual visit to the store and when you can, stop by and see us in this reality!